_DSC9123-2I am part of a whole and the sum of many parts: reason, strength, middle child syndrome, the deep green of Long Island foliage, trips to the beach with my best nerd friends, and cock-eyed optimism.

A side effect of being raised in New York State is that every year your nose turns higher and higher up to the other 49 in the union. Surrendering my status as a New Yorker was never part of the plan (and I am a planner), but here I am in Utah and I love LOVE LOVE it!

That is all backstory, what you really need to know is that I have a talent for seeing the best in things and I want to remember them and savor the feelings that surround their memory. That is the reward of photography: Documented love. Experience relived. Connection to the past.

My art is a platform to shout:

“You are the treasure. You are the giver and receiver of love immeasurable. You have the power of bestowing joy and showing others what the greatest things in life are made of. You are more than a smile… YOU are the best things.”

That’s the way I see things, and if that makes you excited and want to capture your magic, fake-smile-free, then let’s make it happen!