I am Karen Richards, and I’d bet I am a lot like you. I’m just trying my best. Trying to keep focused on the things that matter most + being loving and patient with my people. There’s been quite a bit of give and take to/from photography in those matters of love.

After my years of photography + living experience, the best thing I can offer you is simply my talent for seeing + finding the best in things. YOU are certainly full of greatness. You are a treasure. Among other things, you are the giver and receiver of love immeasurable. You have the power of bestowing joy and showing others what the greatest things in life are made of. That’s the magic my portraits are all about.

The making of a portrait. There is a lot that goes on behind the camera, and even though my brain is working hard you won’t be. I’ll do all the overthinking for you and keep you in the best light, while you are where you love to be, doing what you love to do, with the people you love the most. Family portrait sessions are family time, and so I think it’s just got to be [and feel like] sweet-peaceful-fun time well spent.

I bet I’m like you; there are lot of things about life I like to savor and and reflect on + I like to be/look like my best self. I see that. Photographs are a great way to make those things happen so… let’s make it happen.


Gotta know more? I’m an open book, ask me anything, but I’ll dish the basics for you here:

Photo credits: Girls at the Piano, Jessica Haderlie; Family Hug, Ali Middleton; Magic Things Valentine, Prettyink design